Computer Lab News: Weeks 21-29 – 5th Grade

5th Grade continued to work on the Time Zone Experiences project. Most of the time assignments have been completed and you can see what each 5th Grader has done on our Time Zone Experiences page and most of the students have added their information to the Time Zone Experiences wiki too. This project has been a bit of a struggle because the students are learning new concepts and many new skills. I think they’re doing a great job so far. Currently they have started working on their assigned month for the Month by Month portion of the Time Zone Experience project. When these are completed they will also be shared online.

5th Grade also participated in World Math Day in the Computer Lab on March 4th. World Math Day is an International event with students from around the world competing against one another in mental math games to try to set a world record for the most correct math answers in a 2 day period – 2 days because the event ran during the time that it was March 4, 2009 anywhere in the world. 5th Grade answered 3,376 questions correctly during World Math Day. Each 5th Grader received a participation certificate from this event. Here are just a few statistics from World Math Day:

  • 204 Countries represented
  • 12,647 Cities/Towns participating
  • 38,058 Schools participating
  • 1,952,879 Students participating
  • 452,682,682 Questions correctly answered

There were a few days where most of the class was absent for band or choir or sports and on those days 5th Graders played various academic or Easter related games.

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