Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down?

Have you ever seen movie review shows on TV? You know, the ones where the person that saw the movie is telling you all about it and giving their opinion on whether you should go see it or not? Well now it’s your child’s turn to be the reviewer but they’re not going to review movies, they’re going to review their Summer Reading books.

Once your child has completed their required Summer Reading Book, head over to our Summer Reading Project for step-by-step instructions on how they can review their book! Students entering grades 2 and 3 will probably need assistance with the entire project. Older students should be able to do much of this on their own but should have supervision and permission to post their reviews. Did you read the book too? Feel free to post your own review!

Please make sure that you assist or supervise your child with this project to insure their online safety. They should not use their full name or an actual picture of themselves when registering or being registered on