Kindergarten – Teaching Monsters to Read

St. Martin’s Kindergarten students love using the Teach Your Monster to Read website to learn about letter sounds and help their alien monster to repair their broken spaceship. Each student starts out by creating their very own monster and then taking their monster on adventures as they learn to read together.

In addition to using the Teach Your Monster to Read site, students also write a bit about their monster sharing their monster’s name and something that their monster likes and something that their monster doesn’t write. This year, Kindergarten students completed this assignment using a shared Google Presentation! It was fun to see them all working at once on the same presentation.

Are you curious about the monsters and their likes and dislikes? Check them out below!

5th Grade Digital Citizenship Posters

As part of the on-going Digital Citizenship lessons, 5th grade spent time exploring the Cyber Cafe. They then created a “poster” about what they felt was an important Digital Citizenship topic using the Big Huge Labs Motivator. It’s interesting that they all chose to create a poster about Cyberbullying.