Summer’s Here!

Well, it’s almost here for St. Martin’s students. Are you are looking for fun (and educational) things to do this summer for free or minimal cost? Research dating back over 100 years has shown that students will often lose a month or more of the academic skills they gained the previous year during the summer months.

Check out our Summer Learning page for ideas on things you can do this summer both virtually and physically to combat the “summer slide” and they’re fun, too! This page also has information about logging on to various websites with the student login information sent home for the summer.

July 24 Update: Scratch Camp was just added to the list of resources. This starts today and runs through August 13th. All rising 2nd-8th grade students have Scratch accounts they can use to participate in this online coding camp.

Parents, Can’t Get Into Your Gmail Account?

We are doing more and more with Google Apps in the Computer Lab these days. In addition, in Middle School, students are also completing English assignments in Google Apps and may also be using Google Apps to complete their Science Lab reports. This means that your child may be logged into their Google Apps account at home to complete work.

If your child is logged into their Google Apps account and you go to Gmail to try to access your email, you will see this message:


You get this message because St. Martin’s students have Google accounts but they do not have Gmail accounts. Your child needs to sign out from their Google Apps account from:

Once they have signed out (from one of the above – signing out from one of the above signs them out from all Google Apps), you will be able to access Gmail without seeing the error message above.