Welcome to the blog for St. Martin’s Computer Lab. The blog will be updated with information on what’s happening in the computer lab. Think of it as your newsletter about computer class. I may also add other information that I find interesting in the technology world and information about web sites or the Internet or technology that might be useful to you and your children at home.

Check back to find out what all of the classes have been doing including links to completed projects that we’re sharing online and more! If you’re looking for detail information about the projects we are completing in computer class, you can check out our Computer Lab Wiki which is our online Computer Lab!

Sign up for the RSS feed and keep up to date whenever we add something new! You are welcome to comment on anything on this blog but please be aware that all comments are moderated before they become public.

Wish List

Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough.
~James Matthew Barrie

Technology always seems to be out of date as soon as you get it and there are always new, fun tech items to be had, so we are always in need of something in the Computer Lab. If you’re looking for something we can use, check out the StM Computer Lab Wish List!

Thanks for any help you can give to the Computer Lab!

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  1. hi, I love your blogs. I especially enjoy the stmcomputers.wikispaces as it helps me a lot with me Tech lessons. Thank you so much for making it public!!!

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