This Week in the Computer Lab – Week Ending: 9/13/2013

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in the lab this week:

  • Mousing Around (Kindergarten)
  • Drew self-portraits using Tux Paint (3rd grade and under) and Paint.NET (4th grade and up)
    These will be showing up on Class Blogs and student Google Sites in a few weeks!
  • Celebrated International Dot Day (Kindergarten, 2nd & 3rd – more Dot Day fun to come next week!)
    Dots will be shared once they’re all done!
  • Keyboarding Speed Tests (4th grade and up when finished with self-portraits)

The results of this year’s Technology Survey of St. Martin’s 4th-8th grade students are in! All but one of our 4th-8th graders has a computer they can use to complete homework but five students don’t have printers if they need to print their work. Even the one student that doesn’t have access to a computer for homework does have access to other electronic devices with Internet access. Here’s a recap of the results!

What Electronic Devices do you OWN?

  • 52% own an iPad or other Tablet Device
  • 45% own a Laptop or Netbook
  • 45% own an iPod Touch
  • 34% own a Smart Phone
  • 24% own a Desktop Computer

What Electronic Devices do other members of your family own that you can use?

  • Laptop or Netbook – 66%
  • Desktop Computer – 59%
  • iPad or other Tablet Device – 59%
  • Smart Phone – 52%
  • iPod Touch – 38%

What Gaming Systems do you or other members of your family own that you use?

  • Wii – 59%
  • Nintendo DS – 45%
  • Xbox – 41%
  • Playstation – 41%
  • Other handheld gaming systems – 4%

Cell Phones – 59% of our 4th-8th Graders own a cell phone; 28% of them have data plans and another 31% use their phones to access the Internet via WiFi. How much do they text using phones & other devices that allow texting like the iPod Touch?

  • No texting – 24%
  • Less than 25 text sent per week – 28%
  • 26-100 texts per week – 14%
  • 100-400 texts per week – 17%
  • Over 500 texts sent per week – 17%

Internet Access – 100% of our students have some kind of Internet Access at home. 69% of our students can access the Internet anytime they want even without asking permission first and that same percentage use the Internet in their room. 90% can use the Internet without adult supervision. Here’s what our students use the Internet for:


Other is mainly watching but not posting videos.

Time Spent on the Internet or Gaming at home each week:

  • An hour or less – 24%
  • 1-2 hours – 14%
  • 2-4 hours – 14%
  • 4-6 hours – 21%
  • 6-8 hours – 14%
  • Over 8 hours – 14%

What do you think of these results? Did any of them surprise you? We’re planning a parent night to discuss responsible Internet use later this year. Let me know if you would like to attend.

Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year!

Week 1 in the Computer Lab has come and gone. The week was mostly about reviewing the procedures in the lab:

Once the procedures had been reviewed, some of the classes had a bit of time to get on the computers and …

  • Learn or review how to use a mouse – this can be tough when your hands are small and you don’t know your right from your left!
  • Start on this year’s self-portraits – every class from K-8 draws a self-portrait every year.
  • Take the beginning of the year Technology Survey

Speaking of the survey, I’ll post some results here once one last class has taken it but here are a few quotes about what some of the students like best about the Internet:

I can text my friends and play games!

It can answer almost any question that I have.

It is like a world of information in front of me.