Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year!

Week 1 in the Computer Lab has come and gone. The week was mostly about reviewing the procedures in the lab:

Once the procedures had been reviewed, some of the classes had a bit of time to get on the computers and …

  • Learn or review how to use a mouse – this can be tough when your hands are small and you don’t know your right from your left!
  • Start on this year’s self-portraits – every class from K-8 draws a self-portrait every year.
  • Take the beginning of the year Technology Survey

Speaking of the survey, I’ll post some results here once one last class has taken it but here are a few quotes about what some of the students like best about the Internet:

I can text my friends and play games!

It can answer almost any question that I have.

It is like a world of information in front of me.

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