Book Trailers in 5th Grade

5th grade did not participate in the Scratch projects at the end of the year because they were busy making Book Trailers! What’s a Book Trailer, you ask? Do you know what a Movie Trailer is – that preview you see of the movie? Well, a Book Trailer is the same thing but for a book!

Each 5th grader picked a favorite book and set to work writing out a storyboard for their trailer. Initially, the students were going to download images to illustrate the scenes they had written in their storyboard but after searching and not finding images they liked, the students ended up drawing their own pictures using Tux Paint. They did download an image of their book cover. Once the images were done, each student put their trailer together in Microsoft Photo Story 3. If they had time, after they had recorded their voice overs for each image, they also added music from Incompetech. Searching for music that enhances your message is always fun! There was a fairly major problem in one of the trailers so it’s not shared here but enjoy the others!

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