Computer Lab News: Weeks 21-29 – Kindergarten

Kindergarten has had a busy February and March in the Computer Lab. They continued with their Adventures in Keyboarding focusing on words starting with the letters “H” through “O”.

We have been trying to work on things in the lab that correlate with the Kindergarten curriculum. February started off with lessons about the ocean and all of the Kindergarten students drawing pictures of the ocean in KidPix. These were on display in the lab at Open House and have been sent home with your students. They all did a terrific job drawing their ocean floor and the ocean and adding habitat animals. After our ocean adventures, we moved on to learning more about dinosaurs by putting dinosaurs in order by size and then drawing our very own dinosaur picture using Drawing For Children. This is a free drawing program for children that you could download and use at home if you have a PC at home. After drawing their dinosaur pictures, each student completed a Dinosaur Book in Powerpoint that worked on some math concepts as well as starting to teach them how to add clipart and images to Powerpoint presentations. The finished Dinosaur Books will be printed and sent home after Easter break and will also be shared online.

The dinosaur activities took us in to March where we talked about the life cycle of butterflies and created our own butterfly life cycle picture on a website called Kerpoof. We have special student logins for this at school but your student can play on this at home too. You can join for a fee or just use the tools without joining for free! The butterfly life cycle pictures have been sent home. I hope that you had a chance to look at them.

In the last class before Easter break, each Kindergarten student drew an Easter picture in KidPix. These will be shared online.

In addition to all the rest, Kindergarten also used the educational software program Sammy’s Science House and worked on their literacy skills at Starfall and played and learned about the life in the Great North and the Inuit people at Wumpa’s World.